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Looking for US Canada tax experts? Hall & Company is a cross-border tax specialist accounting firm, we ensure your taxes are filed properly and on time. Whether you work in the US from Canada (US Canada Taxes) or, work in Canada from the US (Canada US Taxes), we can assist you with your Canada-US cross border tax needs. Contact us now to talk to one of our cross border tax experts.

Tax Returns For US Citizens Living In Canada

We will facilitate filing your US taxes from Canada which includes the preparation of your US 1040 Income Tax Return and applicable schedules, as well as your Canadian Income Tax Return and we will ensure that you will receive full benefit from the Canada US Taxes Treaty. If you have questions about US Canada Taxes we’d be happy to discuss your personal tax needs.

Voluntary Disclosures for US Citizens Living and Working in Canada

For individuals who have not been filing their US Federal Income Tax returns there are serious penalties and potential civil and criminal charges. Hall & Company’s chartered accountants/chartered professional accountants can guide you through this process and bring your filings up to date accurately and professionally. Here is some useful information relating to US citizens filing taxes in Canada.

Tax Returns For Canadian Citizens Working In The US

We will assist you in determining your residency status and cross border income tax filing requirements if you are a Canadian working in the US (Canada US Taxes). We will facilitate the preparation of your US Federal and State Income Tax Returns as well as your Canadian Income Tax Returns to ensure your Canada US Taxes are filed properly and time. If you have specific questions about your Canada US Taxes situation, please let us know as we’d be happy to review your personal tax needs.

Tax Returns For Canadian Owned US Corporations

Hall & Company’s cross border tax experts will aid in preparation of your US 1120 Income Tax Return and applicable schedules, as well as your Canadian Income Tax Return. We will ensure your receipt of the full benefit of the Canada US Taxes Treaty and minimize the risks of double taxation. We will assist you with meeting any US State filing requirements.

Expansion Of Canadian Business Into The US

Our Vancouver accountants will help you with the selection of an appropriate entity for conducting business in the US. Options include a foreign division of your Canadian company, incorporation of a US company, or formation of a Limited Liability Partnership. All options include related tax planning and assistance with setting up of your US entity.

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