Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting
At Hall & Company, we know that operating a successful business takes a great deal of hard work and dedication. As your small business accountant we’ll assist you in accounting management and operation to ensure you’re maximizing your accounting for small business strategies. We provide bookkeeping, payroll, payables, receivables, GST/PST filings and all the basic record keeping needed for small business accounting. Contact us now to discuss how we can relieve your workload of accounting.

Small Business Start Up

Starting a new business? As your small business accountant, we’ll help you decide with to incorporate or go sole-proprietorship and assist you with all aspects of startup including selection of an appropriate legal structure, registration with taxation authorities, budgeting and cash flow analysis and obtaining financing. Accounting for small business is made easy by starting your business on the right foundations using a chartered accountant/chartered professional accountant.

Corporate Income Tax Returns

When it’s time to file your corporate income tax returns, as your small business accountant, we’ll prepare all required schedules and documentation for Canadian federal and provincial corporate tax filings, GST, PST and Work BC filings.

Corporate Year Ends, Audited Financial Statements, Notice To Reader Engagements

If you need formal documentation for bank loans, property purchase, or acquisitions, we will conduct a review of your fiscal year end statements including compiling the accounting information, preparing the necessary adjusting entries and preparing financial statements reflecting up to date Canadian standards.

Small Business Tax Planning

At our accounting firm in Vancouver, we can help you realize your investment and lifestyle goals. We will use business holding companies, family trusts or alter ego trusts to minimize your family’s overall tax liability.

SR&ED Applications

Hall & Company will analyze your business’ potential for benefitting from the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program offered through the Canadian government. Our Vancouver small business accountants will assist with analysis, preparation and filing of SR&ED claims to maximize your entitlement under this generous program.

Purchase And Sale Of Business

We will aid you with expansion plans including the purchase of other companies and the securing of relevant financing. We will further assist you in achieving your succession plans by facilitating financing and structuring of employee buyouts.

Corporate Reorganizations

We will support you with the tax planning involved in corporate reorganizations in situations such as withdrawal of a shareholder, mergers, estate freezes and succession planning.

Cash Flow Projections

Our chartered accountants/chartered professional accountants will prepare detailed cash flow projections for use in managing your business or in obtaining financing for current and future business expansion opportunities. To realize accounting for small business strategies, we’ll meet with you or your team quarterly to assess and plan activities.

Long Term Real Estate Strategies

Through financial planning we will help you develop a real estate investment strategy to reduce investment risk and increase your financial returns for the future. Hall & Company will introduce you to potential lenders, such as chartered banks and mortgage brokers. We will help you evaluate real estate investment opportunities through detailed cash flow analysis.

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